Date Version External Note
2023/03/08 19.62.01 πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Enabled View status from contact info page
πŸ”Ά [Added] Added Options to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed Auto reply / forward crash
2023/02/08 19.52.6 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Translation issues/Improved Translations
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
πŸ”Ά[Enabled] Enabled New drawing pen
2023/01/09 19.52.3 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed Group Message counter in group info page
πŸ”Ά[Enabled] Enabled New Text Status UI
2022/12/25 19.50.1 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed View all person's messages in group chat
πŸ”Ά[Enabled] Enabled Online privacy! You can choose who can see when you're online.
2022/12/02 19.45.6 πŸ”Ά [Added] Clear recent emoji
πŸ”Ά[Enabled] Enabled Ability to see past participants of groups (who left and when!)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2022/11/25 19.45.5 πŸ”Ά [Optimized] Optimize APP opening speed
πŸ”Ά[Enabled] Enabled Leave groups secretly without all people knowing (only admins can see you left)
2022/11/09 19.45.2 πŸ”Ά [Optimized]Remove the marquee effect with too long content
πŸ”Ά [Fixed]Fix wrong data buried point
2022/10/27 19.41.5 ⭐️ [EXCLUSIVE] Improved Anti-ban
πŸ”Ά[Enabled] Enabled Filter unread messages using search
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/09/15 19.35.12 πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Feature-Message Reaction
πŸ”Ά [Optimized] Caller Identification - Help you identify numbers and enhance your privacy (only for Brazil, India, Indonesia)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/08/12 19.35.4 πŸ”Ά [Added] Share multiple images/videos/files at same time from chat to other apps!
2022/07/05 21.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] My Message:Save any messages, photos, videos and links to yourself!
2022/06/28 21.10.0 πŸ”Ά [Optimized] Status Feed-Enable Click Likes on Status Posts
2022/06/01 20.50.0 ⭐️ [EXCLUSIVE] Status Feed (only for Brazil)
⭐️ [EXCLUSIVE] Status Filter
πŸ”Ά [Added] Copy/Forward Caption
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Feature-Pause and resume voice recordings
2022/05/24 20.40.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Viewed Status Toast
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/05/12 20.20.0 ⭐️ [EXCLUSIVE] My Status
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] ANR issues on Android 11 / 12
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
πŸ”Ά [Optimized] Reduce APK size
2022/05/03 20.10.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Clear Backup Option
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/04/28 20.00.0 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Feature-Group Invite Link – Availability
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Feature-New UI-Voice Calls
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Feature-Search Msg Shortcut
2022/03/29 19.50.0 ⭐️ [EXCLUSIVE] Caller identification - Identify and warn you about the unwanted phone number (only for Brazil, India, Indonesia)
⭐️ [EXCLUSIVE] LivePic Widget - Show your picture on close friend home screen (only for several beta users)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/03/22 19.40.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Voice Changer
πŸ”Ά [Added] "Go to first message" in chat room
πŸ”Ά [Added] "Search web picture" in chat room
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/03/03 19.30.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] FAQ page
πŸ”Ά [Added] "Conversation Screen" relevant settings
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2022/02/24 19.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Allow you to..
--- Hide contact name on Conversation Screen
--- Hide call button on Conversation Screen
--- Hide floating action button on Home Screen
πŸ”Ά [Added] WhatsApp Locker
2022/01/26 19.00.0 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Added] Features-Personal privacy
πŸ”Ά [Added] Features-View-once photo: mark as open
πŸ”Ά [Added] Features-Enable always online
2022/01/18 18.91.1 πŸ”Ά [Added] Features of FMFM
2021/12/30 18.90.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Beta Feature-Status effect filter (only several users have this feature)
πŸ”Ά [Added] Font store
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2021/12/17 18.70.0 πŸ”Ά Improve Hidden Chat user experience
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Can not forward more than 5 contacts
2021/12/10 18.60.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] theme store related bugs
2021/12/02 18.50.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Fingerprint to unlock hidden chat
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] theme store related bugs
2021/11/25 18.40.0 πŸ”Ά Theme store performance optimization
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] theme store related bugs
2021/11/18 18.30.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Backup / Restore files with Google Drive
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] emoji related bugs
2021/11/10 18.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed issues to send 5-minutes status
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed dynamic theme display issue
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed events calendar image
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed issues to add events to calendar
2021/11/05 18.10.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Add filter for Event Calendar (Brazil only)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Improve app stability
2021/10/23 17.90.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Black wallpaper in chat room
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Can not change wallpaper in chat room
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Edit profile picture for group
2021/10/08 17.80.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Optimize unlock flow of privacy chat
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Can not display contact's name
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Can not display contact's status
2021/09/30 17.70.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Color Phone Themes !
πŸ”Ά [Added] Dynamic Themes !
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Add Conversation Translation back
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/09/25 17.60.1 πŸ”Ά [Added] Color Phone Themes !
πŸ”Ά [Added] Dynamic Themes !
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Theme store preview
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/09/17 17.50.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Color Phone Themes !
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Cannot open audio files
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Minor UI bugs
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/09/09 17.40.0 πŸ†• Anti View Once - Open the view once media unlimited times
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed minor UI bugs
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed crash issues
2021/09/02 17.30.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Download View Once Photos / Videos
πŸ”Ά [Added] New Dynamic Themes
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed several bugs
2021/08/27 17.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] New Dynamic Themes
πŸ”Ά [Added] Event Calendar (Brazil only)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/08/05 17.00.0 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] View Once feature for Photos and Videos
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] 24hours Option for Disappearing Message
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Preview voice message before sending
2021/07/27 16.80.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Support telegram sticker
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Optimize update flow
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/07/19 16.70.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Optimize update flow
πŸ”Ά [Added] Optimize the user onboarding flow
2021/07/14 16.60.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Support video message for Telegram Plugin
πŸ”Ά [Added] New theme notification
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/07/09 16.50.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Improved Profile Picture History (delete, share)
πŸ”Ά [Added] Support picture / gif / ... objects for Telegram Plugin
πŸ”Ά [Added] Ad Block
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/06/30 16.40.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Profile Picture History
πŸ”Ά [Added] status ads
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/06/19 16.30.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Super theme share
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/06/04 16.10.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] 20 Bugs related to UI(9), Theme(7), Features(4)
πŸ”Ά [Added] Brand new 12 dynamic themes
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Optimize image resources
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/05/25 16.00.1 πŸ”Ά [Added] New ad position
πŸ”Ά [Added] Onbaording ab testing
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/05/20 16.00.0 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Added] 6 new dynamic themes
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/04/27 15.60.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Battery drain issues
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Notificaiton not shown on some devices
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Remove useless fab button
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Status error while "Hide blue microphone" enabled
2021/04/16 15.50.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] 'More' button function in theme store
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Cannot delete DIY theme
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Enhance minor UI issues
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash issues
2021/04/08 15.40.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Custom Tab Style
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed for Telegram Plugin
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash issues
2021/04/01 15.30.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Gif2Sticker
πŸ”Ά [Added] Optimize update flow
2021/03/25 15.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Telegram Plugin BETA (Pre-Register needed)
πŸ”Ά [Added] Restore entry while first launch
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2021/03/18 15.10.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Option to exclude media in backup
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Optimize memory usage and reduce OOM issues
2021/03/09 15.01.0 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸŽ‰ [Added] New animated stickers
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Emoji missing issues
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Schedule messgae to broadcast
2021/02/24 14.21.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Status Read option (while hide view status is enabled)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
2021/02/02 14.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Backup / Restore files to / from MEGA
πŸ”Ά [Added] Optimize backup / restore flow
πŸ”Ά [Added] Forward to broadcast
2021/01/28 14.10.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Backup / Restore files to / from Dropbox
πŸ”Ά [Added] Soft reminder while enable DND
πŸ”Ά [Added] Option to disable color phone
πŸ”Ά [Added] Minor UI optimizations
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] App Crash
2021/01/18 14.02.0 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Disappearing Messages
πŸ”Ά [Added] Unlimited conversation pins (Home Screen Settings)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Dark mode color in back page
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Some Crash
2020/12/25 13.34 πŸ”Ά [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
πŸ”Ά [Added] Option to disable self destructive message in settings
πŸ”Ά [Optimized] APK size reduced ~6%
2020/12/18 13.32.2 πŸ”Ά [Added] Unlimited Pin
πŸ”Ά [Optimized] Update success rate
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash while reading status
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Update dialog bug
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Minor bugs
2020/12/02 13.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
πŸ”Ά [Added] Smart Update : Save internet traffic while update
2020/11/24 13.10.2 πŸ”Ά [Added] Added New Dynamic Themes
πŸ”Ά [Added] Message Scheduler
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed emoji missing issues
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Irregular incorrect theme color
2020/11/18 13.00.2 πŸŽ‰ [Base] Update WhatsApp Base to
πŸ”Ά [Added] Added New Dyanmic Themes
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Reduced ~60% Theme Store Launch Time
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Emojis can now show correctly
2020/08/03 13.00.1 πŸ”Ά [Added] More interesting status (Brazil Only)
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash bugs fixing
2020/02/06 13.00.0 πŸ”Ά [Enabled] Feature-New Emojis
2019/11/15 12.34.1 πŸ”Ά [Optimized] Update success rate
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Dark mode for setting page
2019/9/10 12.31.2 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Old WhatsApp emoji pack link
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fix add animated stickers fail
2019/6/9 12.10.2 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed background of Hide Chats page
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Dark mode / light mode settings
2019/3/20 12.00.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Translation issues (a lot)
2018/9/22 11.10.1 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Optimize the UI as stock WhatsApp
2018/1/16 11.03.1 πŸ”Ά [Added] Message scheduler to broadcast
2017/9/8 10.40.1 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Thumbnail in theme store
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Remove bad link in restore page
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Some crashes
2017/4/17 10.30.2 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash while reading status
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Update dialog bug
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Minor bugs
2017/2/24 10.20.3 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Several bugs
2016/11/29 9.30.1 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash fixed
2016/8/12 9.20.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Launch time speed
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Crash issues and other minor fixes
2016/3/5 9.10.1 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed background of Hide Chats page
πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Blue double ticks while message is ready
2015/10/19 8.10.2 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Optimized App Update Flow
2015/2/20 8.00.0 πŸ”Ά [Fixed] Fixed Some Crashes